Collection: Infiltrating the Ton

They hide from the ton, Britain's aristocracy, that they are Jewish in an effort to secure their business in the face of insurmountable challenges: Anti-semitism, enemies, and the competition for the Crown Jewels.

The Pearlers have three children, Fave, Arnold, and Lizzie. We get to follow them as they fall in love and overcome the obstacles that lead them to happy ends. Each of their stories, even though set in 1813, translate to the struggles to stay true to one's identity and to overcome prejudice in our day and age. Meritocracy in a world where diversity was unthinkable among the ranks of the governing class and follow the struggles (and victories) of the Pearler family during this time.

Book1 - Margins of Love - Fave's story
Book 2 - The Pearl of All Brides - Arnold's story
Book 3 - A Kiss After Tea - Lizzie's story

Praise for Sara Adrien:

"One of the Best Regency Romance Novels in 2022 . . . a Masterful Combination of Historical Romance with Jewish Fiction"
- Yahoo! News, 6/2022

"The Infiltrating the Ton series [i]s an 'exquisite page-turner' and 'a remarkable debut.' Readers praise Adrien’s 'vivid depictions of how complex love stories could have been in the previous centuries' and cherish the geopolitical currentness and depth of her books."
- Fox40, 6/2022

"Jewish history romance? Yes please! This book was all about the power of love. The hero is talking about how Rachel‘s love for him is his power. It’s a beautiful scene and set up. Overall, I liked the book a lot. . . The love between those two characters is so strong."
- Sally, Goodreads, 6/2022