Collection: Check Mates

Ready for a romance that will capture your heart and ignite your imagination?

Check Mates is a new series of Regency Romances by Sara Adrien, inspired by the game of chess! The intricate stories take readers on a journey of love, power, and politics as they meet unforgettable characters who have the smarts to get in and out of trouble. With its unique tone and emotionally charged romances, you won't be able to turn away until the very end.

Each book in the series explores timeless themes like loyalty, honor, and passion that leave you breathless long after you've turned the last page. Alongside this emotional rollercoaster ride, there are plenty of tender moments that make you smile or laugh out loud at their mischievous behavior. Every chapter brings new surprises with stories so real that it feels as if you're a part of them!

Read Check Mates and jump into this enchanting romance series today!