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Sara Adrien

Baron in Check

Baron in Check

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This book will be published on May 5, 2024.

He promised his friend to look after his sister – and Baron Stone has been playing with fire ever since. When Greg loses in chess, can he claim victory in matters of the heart?

Kyla Bennington is the catch of the season but battles with her arranged marriage to a Duke she doesn't like. Determined to retain her independence despite the overwhelming pressures of society, she turns to her brother's friend for help. Enter Baron Gregory Stone, Member of Parliament and loyal friend to the Pearlers known from Sara Adrien's Infiltrating the Ton and Diamond Dynasty Series - he promised to look after his friend’s sister, so naturally, he steps up to the challenge. As long as he can win a correspondence chess game with the Duke, Kyla may live independently on her own terms. But if he'll have to read this captivating story to discover what happens next!

Follow these spirited characters as they battle for love, freedom, and also their own reputations. Will they emerge victorious or will scandal take them down? Find out in this inspiring and formal novel that will keep you turning pages until the very end.

Baron in Check is an inspiring tale full of unforgettable characters ranging from debonair suitors vying for Kyla’s hand to scheming society figures attempting to manipulate their way into London behavior etiquette. If you’ve enjoyed Sara Adrien’s Infiltrating the Ton and Diamond Dynasty Series – you’ll love Baron in Check. With its captivating plot lines, engaging characters, and romantic tones – there is something for everyone!

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