Collection: Diamond Dynasty

Discover the captivating world of love, jewels, and hidden treasures in the mesmerizing Klonimus Brothers series. Embark on an unforgettable journey as each brother, with his unique talent as a crown jeweler, unravels a different tale of romance and intrigue.

In these spellbinding historical romances, best-selling author Sara Adrien takes you on a remarkable exploration of the little-known realm where Jews openly coexist amidst the opulent British gentry. With deft storytelling and a masterful blend of nostalgia and suspense, Adrien transports you to a bygone era, painting vivid landscapes and weaving tales of heroic perseverance.

Join the Klonimus Brothers as they unlock not only the mysteries of their hearts but also embark on a quest for secret treasures. From the glimmering drawing rooms of London to the treacherous depths of forbidden desires, be enthralled by their passionate and thrilling adventures.

Immerse yourself in this innovative series that seamlessly blends romance, history, and suspense. Let the Klonimus Brothers whisk you away into a world of steamy romances, where the pursuit of love and the allure of hidden gems intertwine in a tapestry of unbridled loyalty and unwavering determination.