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Sara Adrien

In Just A Year

In Just A Year

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The Diamond Dynasty series continues with Ben's story. Join another Klonimus brother on a dangerous voyage and let his heart-melting love letters transport you to the nostalgia of historical romance.

Ben has fallen in love with a girl he's known for so long but his timing is awful - he's about to set sail for the last spot of where the treasure has been hidden that his family has spent years searching for. Will the girl of his dreams wait for his return?

Esther is sick of being the little sister tucked away at home, the one to watch or tutor her siblings in the nursery. And when the man who gave her her first kiss leaves on an exciting adventure, she realizes just how dull her life is. What can she accomplish in a year before he returns to set herself up for sweeping romance? Can she conquer his heart from a distance?

Get a glimpse of bone-meltingly romantic love letters in this part epistolary novel.

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