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Sara Adrien

Captured at the Ball

Captured at the Ball

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Have you ever wondered why the villains were so evil? What drove them to be so bad? In this novelette, find out how the villains of the Check Mates series became as they are and meet many characters from the Infiltrating the Ton and Diamond Dynasty series again.

Begin your journey with Wolfgang von List, a Prussian Baron sent to London with a mission to destroy the Pearlers. Little does he know of the Diamond Dynasty of Jews that have infiltrated the Ton or of the beautiful Russian spy, Sophia, who will need his help to gain entrance to the Pearler's ball. Together they will form an unlikely alliance, using their evil genius in chess to take down their targets.

Experience their journey, understand their motives, and witness how they became the formidable foes that our heroes must confront in the Check Mates series. Feel the suspense build as wrongs are righted in spectacular fashion when the heroes defeat the villains in the books that follow.

If you are a fan of complex characters in historical romance, you will enjoy this novelette. Readers who read Sara Adrien's Regency romances will also enjoy this thrilling story that shows why the stakes are so high for the Jews.
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