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Sara Adrien

A Kiss After Tea

A Kiss After Tea

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The thrilling conclusion to Sara Adrien's beloved Infiltrating the Ton Regency romance trilogy. Dive into the captivating world of hidden identities, daring adventure and hearts destined to collide.

Meet Lizzie Pearler, a beautiful and accomplished young woman who has stolen the heart of her best friend's older brother, Caleb Klonimus. Since the tender age of eight, Caleb has dreamt of one day claiming Lizzie's heart as his own. Fate, however, has other plans, as their paths diverge when Caleb embarks on a perilous quest for jewels. Upon his return, Lizzie sees him in a new light, but questions whether he is truly fit to be her partner in life.

As they team up for the thrilling competition to win the coveted crown jewels, Lizzie and Caleb find their undeniable chemistry threatening to ignite. Will Lizzie's growing admiration for Caleb withstand her envy towards his enchanting kung fu master, the alluring Jing? Can Caleb prove his worth by facing his own demons and surpassing seemingly insurmountable challenges? In the hunger for victory, will they finally embrace the love that has been simmering just beneath the surface?

Best-selling author Sara Adrien once again weaves an intricate tapestry of romance, suspense, and adventure with 
A Kiss After Tea. Her eloquent prose transports you to a time of lavish gowns and hidden Jewish identities, delivering a unique spin on the traditional Regency romance. Fans of the genre will be delighted by Adrien's expert storytelling that masterfully delves into love's complexities, unveiling its many triumphs and tribulations.

Experience the enthralling finale that brings together nostalgia, passion, and the unwavering bonds of the human spirit. 
A Kiss After Tea is a must-have for lovers of historical romance.

Don't miss your chance to join Lizzie and Caleb on their heart-rending journey—add it to your cart and start reading today!

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