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Sara Adrien

Margins of Love

Margins of Love

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An off-limits courtship. Clandestine identities. When a misstep jeopardizes all they hold dear, can they dance into a happily ever after?

London, 1813. Feivel “Fave” Pearler wishes he could live life freely. Concealing his Jewish heritage from the aristocracy's scorn, the elusive haute-couture jeweler prepares to enter an arranged marriage to ensure his legacy. But his carefully laid plans go awry when a beautiful debutante steals his attention… and a string of sweet kisses.

Rachel Newman prides herself on being a dutiful daughter. Yet with only one season before her father marries her off, she embraces a charming dalliance with a golden-boy bachelor. But after their hostile hostess catches them mid-caress, her improbable hope for a future together turns to heartbreak.

As Fave and his parents navigate a greedy blackmailer threatening to expose their hidden lineage, he fears he’ll never see the woman of his dreams again. And determined to honor her family’s sacrifice, Rachel strives to resign herself to following a loveless path.

Can they sidestep the whims of fate and gain a chance at forever?

In an innovative and sweeping story combining nostalgia with suspense, best-selling author Sara Adrien explores the little-known world of Jews hiding in plain sight among the British gentry. And as she deftly pulls you into a delightful landscape of vivid descriptions and heroic perseverance, you’ll be swept away by a passionately thrilling adventure.

Margins of Love is the sizzling first book in the Infiltrating the Ton Regency romance series. If you like unique and intelligent characters, deliciously sexy scenes, and well-researched history, then you’ll adore Sara Adrien’s tender tear-jerker.

Margins of Love for a sprinkling of high society matchmaking today!


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