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Sara Adrien

Night of Lyons

Night of Lyons

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Read Sara Adrien's story, Don't Tempt A Purring Lyon, in this anthology.

It's London's hottest ticket!

The Lyon's Den, London's most notorious gambling hell, is having a Mystère Masque in honor of the proprietress' birthday. It's a night of gambling, dancing, and most of all, of sexy and forbidden romance. While London's 
ton shuns the ball, it's secretly the hottest ticket in town.

The event is an exclusive invitation-only gala except for a few invitations that are mysteriously delivered to certain homes. Called 
Invocation Mystère, no one knows how or why the invitations arrive, only that they do - and everyone wants one.

It's a night to remember at the great Mystère Masque at the notorious Lyon's Den where anything goes!

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