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Sara Adrien

Don't Wake A Sleeping Lyon

Don't Wake A Sleeping Lyon

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The Widow of Whitehall will get them in the game, but what are they willing to put on the line for a match?

Ada must marry soon or else she’ll lose access to the trust money her father left her. Can she gamble as Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s puffer and support herself? When she’s swept up in the arms of a charming young doctor, will she find a way to make her luck last?

Alfred dreams of having his own practice on Harley Street but he doesn’t have the money to get started. Before he finds a way to make a down payment, he loses his heart to a spirited lady gambler. Will he also lose his head, or can he reconcile love and his career?

In “Don’t Wake a Sleeping Lion,” author Sara Adrien brings her signature Jewish twist to the well-loved world of the Lyon’s Den. Watch Mrs. Dove-Lyon make ingenious matches, and characters fall in love against the backdrop of Regency London.

From scrumptious pastries to delectable gowns, this nostalgic story will bring you everything you enjoy in steamy romance.

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