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Sara Adrien

The Lyon's Golden Touch

The Lyon's Golden Touch

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Coming in July 2024

When a dentist and a duke find themselves in a forbidden love triangle, sparks fly, and secrets are revealed in the third installment of the doctors on Harley Street who meet the Black Widow of Whitehall.

Dustin Fitzwater is the Duke of Duncan, though he's running from his title and the moral dilemma it presents. When he meets the beautiful debutante, he can't resist her allure - but his inopportune attraction could cost him his future.

She fell for her dentist before she knew he was a duke, and now she must contend with her own insecurities and the secrets of his past. Set amidst the high society of Regency England, The Black Widow of Whitehall secures another thrilling match int this romantic tale of impossible love that will leave you swooning.

If you enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy and Bridgerton, you'll love this captivating historical romance. 

This is first story of the two Dukes of Duncan and another installment of the doctors on Harley Street. 


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