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Sara Adrien

The Lyon's First Choice

The Lyon's First Choice

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Coming in January 2024

Do you want to know why Mrs. Dove-Lyon devoted her life to making love matches? Had love’s first choice been hers, the Black Widow wouldn’t exist today. Haunted by specters from her past, can she spin a safety net for impossible love?

Step into Harley Street’s world of medical miracles, where Dr. Phil Rosen excels in surgery but struggles to mend his broken heart. Could the Black Widow lead a brave nurse to his rescue?

Meet Nurse Shira, a woman of courage who dared to defy societal norms by choosing a career over reputation. Her journey leads her to the bustling clinic on Harley Street, where destiny intertwines her path with the dashing surgeon who saved her friend’s life. In his presence, she discovers that her passion for medicine has guided her straight into the arms of love.

In a story where the lines mustn’t be crossed between a surgeon and his nurse, Mrs. Dove-Lyon teaches a lesson on embracing taboos to find love. Join the story that unveils the drive of London’s most notorious matchmaker and witness the love match she forges like no other.

Reunite with beloved characters from Sara Adrien’s Lyon’s Den stories and the doctors from the Miracles on Harley Street series. A delectable treat for fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Bridgerton, complete with Sara Adrien’s distinctive Jewish flair.

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